Manufacturing Gazebos and Spa Enclosures for more than 15 years

Gazebo Installation

We have designed our gazebos in a pre-panelized format for simple installation. Most of our gazebos require only two persons to install (one person to do the screwing and one person who is merely a helper/holder). The installation times vary from about 2 to 6 hours depending on the size of the gazebo. A basic 8x8 gazebo should be erected within 2 hours a larger gazebo like a 12x16 may take about 6 hours. The assembly is quite easy. Below is a brief 3-step summary on how to install our gazebos.

Step 1. The walls and corners are complete and are assembled one after another. The entire body with perimeter header should be assembled in less than 30 minutes to one hour depending on the size of the gazebo.

Step 2. The dome box is laid on the ground upside down and the side rafters are to be attached to the dome box. The dome box with attached side rafters should be raised and then placed on top of the walls right side up. Then the remaining rafters are to be attached to the dome box.

Step 3. The roof panels are placed onto to the roof and secured. The dome is attached to the top of the dome box. Finally, the roof caps are attached and your gazebo is complete.