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Gazebo Information

Q: You have many gazebo models to choose from. What are the general differences between the gazebo collections?

Answer: Our Laguna Beach Collection is an open-air gazebo that is best for warmer climates. The Royal Collection is our most popular gazebo collection with skydome and sliding windows and is available in 5 popular sizes. The Escape Collection has a gable roof style with a vaulted ceiling that is very attractive. Finally, the Olympia series has our patented hip style roof with traditional cottage style awning windows.

Q: What is the length and width of each of your gazebos?

Answer: The dimensions of the footprint of our gazebos are listed under the description of each particular gazebo. The interior dimensions mean the interior wall to interior wall dimensions. The exterior dimensions mean the exterior wall to exterior wall dimensions. There is an approximately 7” roof overhang that protrudes past the exterior dimensions of each particular gazebo.

Q: What is the height of each of your gazebos?

The height of the gazebos varies between 9'4" to 9'6" depending on the gazebo model.

Q: Are the gazebos pre-stained? What brand stain do you use?

A: Yes, all our gazebos come pre-stained in a Redwood/Cedar color. We use the top of the line brand stain manufactured by Sikkens in the USA.

Q: Can I choose my own gazebo stain brand and color? If not, can I order my gazebo unstained?

A: We can customize the stain color of your gazebo for a fee. If you want the gazebo unstained there is no extra fee.

Q: What is better Cedar or Redwood?

A: Cedar is a better wood. Please click on Why Cedar for summary of the reasons why Cedar is a better wood for making gazebos than Redwood.

Q: What is the difference between a hip style versus gable style roof?

A: The hip style roof is a four-sided roof with a skydome in the center. The gable style roof is a two-sided roof with a vaulted gable at each end of the roof. The gable style roof does not have a skylight but lets light in from the ends of the roof. Depending on where you want you extra light to come into the structure and depending on which sight lines you want to emphasize you may desire one type of roof over another.

Q: Do all your hip roofs have skydomes? What are the sizes of the skydomes?

A: Yes. All our hip roofs have skydomes. The sizes of the skydomes vary depending on the size of the gazebo. For example, an 8x8 gazebo has a 3x3 skydome, the 10x10 gazebo has a 4x4 skydome, the 10x12 gazebo has a 4x6 skydome.

Q: Is a cedar roof or metal roof better?

A: Both our cedar roof and our metal roof are well made. There are pros and cons for each. The cedar roof has a warmer cozy feeling and many customers prefer the natural cedar wood. The metal roof is more durable and we also reduce any pitter patter noise from rain by insulating the metal roof and lining it with mahogany.

Q: What colors are available for the metal roof?

A: The metal roof comes standard in Taupe Brown color but is also available in Terracotta red color.

Q: What are the windows made of?

A: The windows are made from Acrylic and the corners are made of Polycarbonate.

Q: What color is the standard windows?

A: The standard windows are bronze tint. You may have some or all or your windows converted to black privacy for a small cost.

Q: What is black pricacy windows?

A: This means that the windows are actually black. You cannot see in or out.

Q: Can I order black windows on one side and standard bronze windows on another?

A: Yes, let your dealer know at time of purchase.